Tree Sale 2023

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Tree Sale 2023

Monroe Conservation District Spring 2023 Conservation Plants Catalog

Order Deadline- March 17, 2023


Friday, April 14, 9:00AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday, April 15, 9:00AM – 11:30 AM

Monroe County Fairgrounds, M-50


Norway Spruce: SOLD OUT

Picea abies: 60 to 90’ tall with pyramid-shaped crown. Stiff short needles. Fast growing in well drained to somewhat poorly drained clay to loam soil. Full sun, can tolerate some shade.

White Cedar (native): SOLD OUT 

Thuja occidentalis: Moderately fast growing to 50’ tall with 10’ spread full sun, average well drained soil. Takes well to pruning.

White Pine (native): SOLD OUT

Pinus strobus: 75 to 100’ tall in well drained sandy to clay soils. Less tolerant of shade with age. Long needles, fast growth rate.

White Spruce: SOLD OUT 

Picea glauca: 75 to 100’ tall. A dense pyramidal tree widely used in hedges and windbreaks. Fast growing in well drained to somewhat poorly drained clay to loam soil. Full sun, will tolerate some shade.


American Plum: SOLD OUT

Prunus americana: Large deciduous shrub/small tree with broad crown, reaching heights up to 15’. Fruits are almost globular edible plums about 1” in diameter. The plant’s numerous stems are grayish and become scaly with age; branches are more or less spiny with sharp-tipped twigs. Shallow roots spread widely and sprout readily. These features are highly important for wildlife cover and food. Winter-hardy, but intolerant of shade and drought. Preferred browse for whitetail deer.

Cranberry, Highbush: SOLD OUT

Viburnum trilobum: 8 to 12’ tall with equal spread. Medium to dark green leaves changing to yellow to red-purple in the fall. Flowers mid to late May. Berries used for preserves and jellies persist from fall into winter. Excellent plant for screening and informal hedging. Medium growth in well drained, moist soil, sun or partial shade. Good for winter fruit and wildlife cover.

Elderberry, American: SOLD OUT 

Sambucus canadensis : Fast growing, 5 to 15’ tall shrub, on moist, well drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Small white dense flat-topped flowers. Purple-black fruit in August. Makes excellent wine and jam, desired food for wildlife. Kept tidy by pruning.

Hazelnut: SOLD OUT 

Corylus americana: Multi-stemmed shrub/small tree, 10-15’ tall with a spread approximately 2/3 the height. Moderate to fast growth in well drained, loamy silt; full sun or light shade; prune anytime. Tends to sucker from the roots and must often be thinned out to maintain a respectable appearance.

Lilac, Common: SOLD OUT

Syringa vulgaris: 8 to 15’ high with 6 to 12’ spread. Medium to fast growth rate in most well drained, silty clay or loamy soils. Drought resistant, intolerant of wet soils. Full sun.

Ninebark: SOLD OUT

Physocarpus opulifolius: 5 to 9’ tall, 6 to 12’ upright spread. Well drained to moist sites; sun to partial shade. Flowers early spring. Provides good cover for wildlife and informal hedging. Medium to fast growth rate.

Red Osier Dogwood: SOLD OUT

Cornus sericea: 10 to 12’ high shrub, equal spread. White flowers in June, clusters of white berries August through September. This dogwood is common throughout Michigan in open, wet spaces; shade intolerant, easily transplanted. Deer browse on dogwood year-round.

Deciduous Trees

Hybrid Poplar: SOLD OUT

Populus: 40 to 90′ high, narrow crown. Rapid growth in well drained to moderately well drained, loamy sand to clay loam soil. Shade intolerant. Plant at least 100′ from drain tiles. Short lived.

Paw Paw (native): SOLD OUT

Asimina triloba: 10 to 20’ tall with equal spread. Multi-stemmed shrub or small tree with short trunk and spreading branches form a dense pyramidal or round top. Tends to sucker and forms loose colonies in the wild. Medium growth rate in moist, fertile, deep, and slightly acidic soils. Prefers full sun, will tolerate shade but shade will alter the shape of the tree.

Pin Oak (native) SOLD OUT

Quercus palustris: Pyramid in shape, 60 to 70’ high with 25 to 40’ spread. A faster growing oak with a very distinctive growth habit. Trunk is very thick, lowest branches sweep downwards. Natural habitat is on wet clay flats where water may stand for several weeks. Full sun. Widely used native oak for landscaping.

Red Maple: SOLD OUT

Acer rubrum: Rounded crown 40 to 70’ with equal spread. Grows medium to fast in fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Full sun to light shade. Classic maple-shaped leaves known for their beautiful fall foliage.

Red Oak (native): SOLD OUT

Quercus rubra: 60 to 75’ with equal spread. Fast growing in fertile, moist, well-drained, acidic soils. Full sun, partial shade. Shallow roots are sensitive to changes in grade.

Sugar Maple (native): SOLD OUT

Acer saccharum: 60 to 75’ in well-drained, moderately moist, fertile soil. Slow growing, shade intolerant. Dark foliage turns shades of red and yellow in fall. Root system is shallow and spreading.

Sycamore (American Plane): SOLD OUT 

Platanus occidentalis: This native is a fast-growing tree with a massive trunk, grayish bark that exfoliates to expose the inner creamy white bark. Wide open spreading crown of crooked branches. Prefers the deep rich soil of river and stream banks and bottom lands.

White Oak (native): SOLD OUT

Quercus alba: 60 to 80’ tall, equal or greater spread. Slow to medium growth. Full sun with deep, moist, well-drained soils. Use as a shade tree for a large area. Acorns are a favorite food source for birds, squirrels, and deer.

Dawn Redwood SOLD OUT

Metasequoia glyptostroboides: Larger stock only

Fast growing tree that can reach heights of 70’ tall, 25’ spread. Prefers acidic soils, tolerates dry and wet sites, but prefers plenty of sunlight. Buttressed lower trunk with rough, reddish-brown bark that peels into long strips. Fern-like, feathery foliage emerges light green in spring, changing to dark green in summer and russet-brown in autumn before losing it’s needles.

Redbud: SOLD OUT

Cercis canadensis: Larger stock only

A small tree with trunk divided close to the ground. 20 to 25’ tall with equal spread. Heart-shaped leaves late spring after rosy pink flowers in April. Slow to medium growth in most soils. Needs full sun.

White Flowering Dogwood: SOLD OUT

Cornus florida: Larger stock only

White blossoms in May/early June, red berries in the fall. Mature height 10 to 12’. Slow to medium growth, prefers shade and well-drained soils. Used for ornamental, understory, and wildlife.

Fruit Trees

EMLA 111 – Semi-dwarf tree, adaptable to a variety of soil conditions  tolerating drought conditions. 

EMLA 7 – About half the size of a standard tree with exceptional winter hardiness & fairly well anchored.  Performs best on deep, fertile, well-drained soils that retain constant moisture.                

GENEVA 969 – is a semi-dwarfing rootstock that is resistant to fire blight, crown rot, and woolly apple aphid. The rootstocks produce few root suckers or burr knots. Suggested for trial for growers desiring a freestanding tree.

MAHALEB – Preforms well in deep soils with good drainage. Very cold hardy & precocious. Deep rooted. Produces a tree roughly 70% the size of Mazzard. Not recommended for heavy soils or areas with poor drainage or high water tables. 

MAZZARD –  Good choice for wet & heavy soils. Produces what is considered a “full size tree” 18 to 20 feet tall. 

OHXF 97 Superior root choice for standard size pear trees. More precocious than seedling rootstocks. Resistant to fire blight & pear decline. Hardy & provides good anchoring & high yield efficiency.

These three apples will pollinate one another 

Cortland: SOLD OUT

Needs pollinator

A McIntosh Ben Davis cross that inherited the good qualities of both. Fruit is a beautiful red, very large, with pure white flesh. Crops heavier than most varieties and considered an annual bearer. Harvest mid thru late September. Root stock: GENEVA 969

Gale Gala: SOLD OUT

Needs pollinator

This apple develops a 90-100 percent full red color with deep red striping, allowing harvest in one or two pickings. Fruit size, firmness, and eating quality are equal to other Gala sports. Harvest first thru mid-September. Root stock: EMLA26

Granny Smith: SOLD OUT 

Needs pollinator

A large, firm, and bruise-resistant green apple with tart flavor and excellent quality. Tree is vigorous. Harvest middle of November. Root stock: EMLA 26

TART Cherry: Jubileum


Red and medium in size with a clear, juicy flesh. Self-fertile, winter hardy, and very productive. Root stock: MAHALEB

SWEET Cherry: Rainier: SOLD OUT

Needs pollinator

Large, delicious yellow fruit with a beautiful red blush. Exceptionally sweet. Easy to grow, low maintenance backyard variety. (Skeena will pollinate as will most other sweet cherries). Prolific and heavy bearer. Height: 15-25′ with a 12-18′ spread.  Harvest middle to late June. Root stock: MAZZARD

SWEET Cherry: Skeena: SOLD OUT


A large cherry, firm and self-fertile. Dark red to black skin and flesh. Produces a hardy crop, holding up well in storage. Harvest first thru mid-July. Root Stock: MAZZARD

BlazingStar Peach SOLD OUT


A very attractive, firm, yellow-fleshed peach. Tree is vigorous, upright, and winter hardy. Harvest first through mid-August.

CoralStar Peach: SOLD OUT 


A large freestone with 80 percent red color. The flesh is firm with wonderful flavor. CoralStar holds well on the tree and in storage and does not brown when cut. The tree is hardy and resistant to bacterial spot. Harvest first thru mid-August.

Shenandoah Pear

Needs pollinator

Fruit size is large with traditional sub-acid pear flavor. Blight resistance is good and similar to that of Seckel. Stores very well for up to five months without breaking down. Harvest middle thru late September. Root stock: OHXF97

Sunrise Pear

Needs pollinator

Disease-resistant that has shown impressive resistance to fire blight. The fruit color is yellow, often finishing with a slight blush and very little russet. Harvests middle thru late August and will store for two to three months. Root stock: OHXF97


Blackberry, Chester: Early bearing: SOLD OUT

Considered one of the more winter hardy and productive thornless varieties available. Large, high-quality fruit ripens in early to mid-August thru late September. Fruit has good flavor when fully ripe. Chester plants are vigorous and show resistance to cane blight.

Double Gold Raspberry: Late season

Berries have a deep blush, golden-champagne color, medium size and conical shape. Excellent, very sweet flavor. Grows vigorously, suckers freely, shows tolerance to disease. Harvest early September thru late October.

Red Raspberry, Caroline: Ever bearing: SOLD OUT

Red, most productive ever bearing raspberry. Caroline has a larger berry than Heritage and is more productive, with a rich, full, and intense flavor. It is a very vigorous variety, with more tolerance for root rot. The farther south you grow it, the earlier it will ripen, typically late August-early October. Will not tolerate high heat or drought.

Red Raspberry, Encore: Early Season: SOLD OUT

Red, large berries with good flavor. Plants are vigorous, sturdy, and upright. Harvest mid July-August. Has good winter hardiness, a great berry for extending the season.

Red Raspberry, Prelude: Early season: SOLD OUT

Red, earliest ripening late June into July. Also fall bearing but produces the most in spring. Winter hardy and vigorous. Berries are round, cohesive, with very good flavor.

Wise management of soil, water and related natural resources

Strawberry, Brunswick: Early midseason

Ripens mid-June with outstanding flavor and berry size. Plants show very reliable vigor and disease resistance. Brunswick is best adapted for home gardeners, pick-your-own, and farm stand sales. 

Strawberry, Galletta: Mid to late season: SOLD OUT

Glossy, large fruit with excellent flavor ripens early to mid-June. Vigorous with good tolerance to leaf disease. Will grow well in heavier soils.

Strawberry, Sparkle: Mid-season: SOLD OUT

Rated one of the best berries for jam and freezing. Ripens mid to late June. Flavorful, high quality, attractive fruit. An extremely vigorous variety, Sparkle is an excellent choice for home gardeners and pick-your-own operations in northern climates. A true heirloom variety. Recommended for beginners.

Asparagus, Mary Washington

Easy to grow heirloom variety with excellent flavor and quality. This vigorous, rust resistant, winter hardy variety produces large, rich green stalks. Perfect for home gardeners and local market growers.

Native Tree Packets

2 Each: American Hazelnut, Chinkapin Oak, Persimmon, Domestic Apple, Coralberry (Buckbrush): SOLD OUT

Black Walnut, Butternut, Hazelnut, Northern Pecan

2 Each: American Plum, Chokecherry, Meadowsweet, Pasture Rose, Red Osier Dogwood

2 Each: American Plum, Hazelnut, Ninebark, Red Osier Dogwood, Swamp White Oak: SOLD OUT

Hostas and Lilies

Blue Angel

36″ tall x 48″ wide. Giant, heart-shaped leaves, heavily textured, very dense hyacinth-like flowers. 

Earth Angel

30″ tall x 40″ wide. Giant blue-green pointed leaves with wide creamy white margins, thick leaves have good substance and deep attractive ribs. 

First Frost 

22″ tall x 28″ wide. Medium, intense blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins turning white by mid-summer. Great substance and very pest resistant.


22″ tall x 30″ wide. Medium, improved Patriot with heavier substance and slightly cup-shaped leaves, darker green centers with creamy white edges. Partial sun tolerance, pale lavender flowers.

Funny Mouse

8″ tall x 10″ wide. Mini, blue-green leaves with white margins that turn cream later in the season.

Lakeside Cupcake

5″ tall x 10″ wide. Mini, forms rounded mounds of heavily cupped and corrugated blue-green leaves, gold centers in spring mature to white by summer. 

Chamber Music

6″ blooms, 28″ tall, dark pink with creamy yellow colored eye. Blooms mid-season.


6″ blooms, 27″ tall, cream with pink halo. Blooms mid-season. Semi-evergreen. 

Fireborn: SOLD OUT

7″ blooms, 32″ tall, red spider. Blooms early mid-season.

Karen Sue

5 1/2″ blooms, 20″ tall, peach with white stripes, yellow eye. Blooms mid-season.

Margaret Dickson

8″ blooms, 24″ tall, yellow-ruffled. Blooms mid-late season.

Priscilla’s Dream

3 3/4 blooms, 27″ tall, lavender with yellow eye. Blooms mid-season.

South Seas

5 1/2″ blooms, 32″ tall, salmon with yellow eye. Blooms mid-season. 

Yabba Dabba Doo: SOLD OUT

10″ blooms, 30″ tall, purple and green spider. Blooms mid-late season, reblooms.