Tree Sale-Other Products 


Bat House 

Triple chamber bat house that holds approximately 300 bats. Provides stable temperatures for bats during extreme cold. Made from weather-resistant cedar.

Fertilizer Tablets 

10-gram, nutrient-rich starter tablets supply all the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash needed by seedlings for 2 years. More nutrients are released during growing season when bacterial activity is greatest. Use 1 tablet per seedling or transplant.


4×5″ fluorescent orange plastic on a 36″ wire. 

“No Trespassing” signs 

7.5″ x 11″ heavy aluminum, black print on bright yellow background.

Plant markers 

Galvanized steel wire, 10” tall. Zinc labeling area (1” x 2 5/8”) is firmly attached to the wires.

Plantskydd Animal Repellent

This 100% natural repellent lasts 6 months in the winter and 3-4 months in the summer. Animals associate the odor with predator activity. Available in a soluble powder. Treats 300 to 400, one-foot-high plants (apply as a spray with a pressurized hand-held or backpack type sprayer). Use for deer or rabbits.

Root Dip (TerraSorb)

A powder developed specifically for moisture retention. Mix with water to create a gel that clings to a plant’s roots. A 2-ounce bag will treat about 2,000 seedlings: fewer transplants or plants with larger root masses.

Tree Tubes

Protects seedlings, grown vegetables, and flowers from heavy wind, frost, and snow. Helps stimulate plant growth by allowing light to pass through freely with plenty of ventilation while retaining needed warmth. Open top allows for easy watering access and better ventilation. 60″ in height, translucent white in color, flexible, and easy to install. Stakes NOT included.

Tree Guards 

Tough vinyl built for durability. Protects young trees from winter rodents and sunscald. Remove and reinstall annually to avoid girdling. 1-1/2″ diameter, 36″ tall. 

“Trees Planted” Signs 

7.5″ x 11″ heavy aluminum, black print on bright yellow background