Hiring a Consulting Forester

Common Garden/Landscaping Questions

For information on several common tree diseases and insect problems contact Master Gardener's Lawn and garden Hotline at 1-888-678-3464, or 1-734-997-1819, or visit their website at

Crop Tree Management

Crop tree management is a very effective way to manage your trees. Learn more about Crop Trees and Thinning. began in 2012 to provide quality data and information for students pursuing a career in fire science. We provide tools and resources to help students and professionals make well-informed decisions about their education and career training.

An updated Fire Science and Forestry scholarships and financial aid resource guide with new information including:
  • Updated scholarships information and financial aid options
  • Where to find grants and loans that pertain to this field
  • A list of resources to assist students pursing a degree in fire education
All this and more can be found here:

Forest Service

For information on national forests, visit the USDA Forest Service web site.

Fruit Tree Planting & Care

Information and links on the planting and care of fruit trees.

Grapevine Cutting

Learn more about cutting grapevines and poison ivy vines, which can cause serious damage to standing trees.

Invasive Tree Pests

Managing Woodlots for Pollinators

Learn how trees also play an important role in the pollination process.

Other Forestry/Tree Links

Plant a Tree

Check out our Tree & Shrub Planting Guide, which includes a plant spacing chart; information on site preparation; planting; and maintenance recommendations.

Also review our handy reference, Likelihood of Deer Damage on Trees and Shrubs, which provides general guidance in selecting plants based on their deer damage potential.

Pruning Forest Trees

Learn about pruning forest trees, an excellent way to improve the value of a standing tree for a future harvest.


Timber Sales

Tree Farm

For information on starting or being certified as a Tree Farm, visit the American Tree Farm System web site.

Urban Trees

Monroe Conservation District
1137 South Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI 48161