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Note: This is not an exhaustive list of all agriculutral resources and services available to Monroe County residents. If you are aware of any updates needed or know of additional resources not provided here, please contact us so that we may add them!

Check Pesticide Applicator Credits

Michigan Sensitive Areas Identification System

MSU Plant and Pest Diagnostics

Herbicide Crop Rotation Restrictions

Ag Related News

July is the time to start thinking about this fall's cover crops

Funding for Conservation - A workshop for Mi landowners

Healthy Soil, Healthy Planet: Exploring Regenerative Agriculture

Click above to watch One Good Idea’s video on fall cover crops.

Learn more about Farm Bill program options and financial assistance in this video hosted by Michigan’s Farm Bill Biologists. 

Click the link to view one of MSU Extension’s Wild About Conservation Webinar Series videos.  

Soil Health & Nutrient Management

The Anatomy of a Soil Test Report (MSU Extension)

Learn more about soil test reports and how to analyze them in order to make the best management decisions for your farm operation.

Soil testing returns through MSU Extension (MSU Extension)

Please do not send samples to the MSU Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory (SPNL), which closed on Dec. 31, 2022. Samples sent to SPNL will not be processed. Click the link for more information.

Download MCD Soil Health Contact List

This is a contact list of known soil health and nutrient management services in the region. This list is extensive, but not exhaustive.


Pest Management

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