Tree Variety Information

Tree & Shrub Growth Rate
Slow: less than 1 foot/year
Moderately slow: 1 - 2 feet/year
Moderately fast: 2 - 3 feet/year
Fast: greater than 3 feet/year

Short-lived: less than 100 years
Moderately short-lived: 100-150 years
Moderately long-lived: 150-250 years
Long-lived: over 250 years

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American Plum - Prunis americana: A deciduous large shrub or small tree with a broad crown, reaching heights up to 15’. Fruits are red to yellow, almost globular edible plums about l inch in diameter, flowers are white. The plant’s numerous stems are grayish & become scaly with age; its branches are more or less spiny with sharp-tipped twigs. Shal-low roots spread, widely, & sprout readily. Winter-hardy, but intolerant of shade & drought. The thorny, suckering growth highly important for wild-life cover & food. Preferred browse for whitetail deer.

Butterfly Bush - Buddleia davidii: 4 to 10' high with equal spread in well drained average soils, full sun, to partial shade. Light purple long spike flowers. Should be cut back in late fall or early spring. Enjoyed by butter-flies & hummingbirds. Deadheading will encourage new flowers.

Cranberry, Highbush - Viburnum trilobum: 8 to 12' tall with equal spread. Medium to dark green leaves changing to yellow to red-purple in fall. Flowers mid to late May. Fruits Sept. - Feb. Use berries for pre-serves & jellies. Excellent plant for screening & informal hedging. Medi-um growth in well drained, moist soil, sun or partial shade. A good winter fruit & winter cover plant for wildlife.

Elderberry, American - Sambucus canadensis: Fast growing shrub on moist, well drained soil in full sun to partial shade. 5 to 15’. Small white dense flat-topped flowers. Bears purple-black fruit in August. Makes excellent wine & jam. Excellent food for wildlife. Kept tidy by pruning.

Hazelnut - Corylus americana: Multi-stemmed shrub/small tree 10-15’ spread approximately 2/3 the height. Moderate to fast growth in well drained, loamy silt; full sun or light shade; prune anytime; tends to suck-er from the roots & must often be thinned out to maintain a respectable appearance.

Nannyberry - Viburnum lentago: Large shrub, small tree 15 to 18’ tall with spread often 6 to 10’. Medium growth rate in a variety of soils. Moist or dry, sun or shade. This native species has great durability. White flowers early to mid May, show for up to 10 days. Good wildlife shrub due to excellent bird food in its fruit which bears late fall. Purplish-red fall color.

Ninebark - Physocarpus opulifolius: 5 to 9’ with 6 to 10’ spread. Upright spreading with stiffly re-curved branches. Well drained to moist sites; sun to partial shade. Flowers are white or pinkish. Provides good cover for wildlife and informal hedging. Medium to fast growth.

Serviceberry, Downy - Amelanchier arboea: Multistemmed large shrub or small tree with a rounded crown of many small branches. 15 to 25’in height with a variable spread. Perfect white flowers 2-4” long, mid to late April. Fruits in June, relished by songbirds. Will grow well on most soils. Full sun or partial shade.

Sorry, the 2019 Tree Sale is over for this year.
Thank you for your support. Please check back mid-January for the 2020 sale!

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