Mosquito Barrier

It’s Mosquito Season
And the Monroe Conservation District may have just what you need!

Mosquito Barrier repels mosquitoes from your yard and home.

How this product works: When first sprayed, the natural sulfurs in the Mosquito Barrier kill the mosquitoes which are struck by the spray; afterwards any mosquitoes entering the area detect the garlic sulfurs and avoid entering the area. The mosquitoes go elsewhere and avoid the sprayed area for 2-4 weeks and longer.

This product is safe for use around children, pets and fish. It is over 99% pure garlic extract. Used as directed the product does not harm any vegetation, nor does it impart any garlic flavor or taste to food plants. This spray also works for keeping Ticks and Fleas from your yard.

For a local testimonial, Stacey who came on board in January will be happy to share her own personal experience. Last year she sprayed this on 5 +acre homestead that is home to ducks, geese, chickens and horses, and two shallow water ponds that contain water throughout the year. Mosquito Barrier is safe to spray on open water as well.

“I used this product on the 2 acres of our yard that we use for entertaining. My daughter’s graduation open house on June 14 was my incentive for trying the product. After reading numerous testimonials about various cities and municipalities across the U.S. having amazing and long lasting results, I decided it was worth a try. We followed the suggestion to add vegetable oil to help suffocate mosquito larvae and to help adhere longer to the plants. We had no trouble with mosquitoes or ticks, which had been troubling us as we prepared the yard for the party, for the rest of the summer! We never had to apply it again that year. I now heartily recommend this to anyone that will listen! Believe me; I will continue to use this environmentally safe product every year. It works!”

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Monroe Conservation District
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