What Is MAEAP?

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is an innovative, proactive program that helps farm, of all sizes and commodities, voluntarily minimize agricultural pollution risks. MAEAP was developed by a coalition of farmers, commodity groups, state and federal agencies, and conservation and environmental groups.
Who Can Get Verified?

In a state as agriculturally diverse as Michigan, a one-size-fits-all approach to environmental protection simply does not work. Thatís why MAEAP offers four customized systems to meet the specific needs of farmers. From greenhouses to dairy farms, thereís a place in MAEAP for everyone.

Meet Our Technicians

Adam Miller of Blissfield, is the new Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) technician for Monroe County through the Monroe Conservation District.

After graduating from St. Mary Catholic Central High School he received an undergraduate degree in political science and urban planning from Eastern Michigan University. He also received a Masters degree in public administration from Wayne State University.

Adam showed small animals and sheep over his career in the Monroe County 4-H program as well as being a member of Whiteford Workers, Teen Ambassadors and New Horizons 4-H clubs. He served as a representative to 4-H Council, was the 4-H king and served on both the Small Animal and Junior Livestock Associations. He currently still volunteers as a superintendent at the fair as a member of the Technology Committee which oversees the small and large animals auctions.

The MAEAP program assist producers in minimizing their environmental risks on the farm such as fuel and chemical storage at the farmstead or manure storage/application at livestock operations. Other areas include nutrient application, record keeping and erosion control. Farmers verified through this program are showing their land stewardship that ensures natural resources will be protected for future generations.

E-mail: adam.miller@macd.org
Phone: 734-265-9315

Monroe Conservation District would like to introduce Rob Bates as a MAEAP Technician for Monroe County, replacing Ben Lehr. Rob is a Western Lake Erie Basin native growing up in Williams and Wyandot Counties in Ohio, where his family had a small farm that began with sheep and wool production before converting to a three crop rotation. Robís family also maintained a large vegetable garden, with numerous asparagus plots, strawberries, apples, and sweet cherries.

He obtained his BS in Wildlife Management from Ohio State University in 2000, and has worked on projects focusing on threatened/endangered species and habitat restoration in Ohio, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and California prior to relocating to southeastern Michigan with his wife and two daughters.

Not only will Rob be available to assist producers go through the MAEAP process in the Western Lake Erie Basin but the district will also make use of his background in wildlife management. For more information about this confidential, voluntary MAEAP program that simply assesses any risks you may have on your farm, and for a first time MAEAP assist you will qualify for up to 5 free soil samples.

Email: Robert.Bates@mi.nacdnet.net
Phone: 734-265-9313

For more information about MAEAP visit:

Monroe Conservation District
1137 South Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI 48161
734.265-9311     catherine.acerboni@mi.nacdnet.net