What Is MAEAP?

The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is an innovative, proactive program that helps farm, of all sizes and commodities, voluntarily minimize agricultural pollution risks. MAEAP was developed by a coalition of farmers, commodity groups, state and federal agencies, and conservation and environmental groups.
Who Can Get Verified?

In a state as agriculturally diverse as Michigan, a one-size-fits-all approach to environmental protection simply does not work. Thatís why MAEAP offers four customized systems to meet the specific needs of farmers. From greenhouses to dairy farms, thereís a place in MAEAP for everyone.

Meet Our Technicians

Brittany Santure

Brittany is a new MAEAP Technician with the Monroe Conservation District serving Monroe and Wayne County. She started in March of 2018 replacing Rob Bates.

She obtained her BS in Biology: Conservation of Natural Resources from Central Michigan University in 2015. Since that time Brittany has worked in Monroe County for the River Raisin Institute, a local non-profit organization. As the Program Coordinator she facilitated environmental education, sustainability awareness, and ecological stewardship programs throughout the Western Lake Erie Basin. Brittany has worked on projects with private landowners, non-profits, local, state, and federal agencies focused on watershed management planning in the S.S. Lapointe Drain Watershed, invasive species removal and habitat restoration.

Brittany is a Monroe native and is excited to continue working with the Agricultural community, learn from local producers and help them achieve their conservation goals.

When Brittany isnít working she enjoys being outdoors hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding.

Email: Brittany.Santure@macd.org
Phone: 734-265-9313

Taylor Myatt

Email: Taylor.Myatt@macd.org
Phone: 734-265-9315

For more information about MAEAP visit:

Monroe Conservation District
1137 South Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI 48161
734.265-9311     catherine.acerboni@mi.nacdnet.net