Tree Variety Information

Tree & Shrub Growth Rate
Slow: less than 1 foot/year
Moderately slow: 1 - 2 feet/year
Moderately fast: 2 - 3 feet/year
Fast: greater than 3 feet/year

Short-lived: less than 100 years
Moderately short-lived: 100-150 years
Moderately long-lived: 150-250 years
Long-lived: over 250 years

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Chinese Chestnut - Castanea mollissima:: 40 to 60 tall with equal spread. Low branching, slow to medium growth in well drained, loamy soil. Full sun. The nut is enclosed in a prickly involucre which splits at maturity. Nuts are edible and relished by humans and animals.

Hybrid Poplar - Populus: 40' to 90 high narrow crown with silvery green leaves. Rapid growth in well drained to moderately well drained, loamy sand to clay loam soil. Will not tolerate shade. Plant at least 100 from drain tiles. Short lived. SOLD OUT

Paper Birch (Canoe) - Betula papyrifera:: 50' to 70' with equal spread. Well drained soils, acid, moist, sandy or silty loams. Full sun. Handsome tree for bark and fall color. Medium to fast growth rate. Dull green leaves of summer change to yellow in the fall. This is one of the trees that contribute to the magnificent fall color spectacle in our northern forests. Wide variety of soils; does best on well drained, acid, moist, sandy or silty loams; full sun; not a particularly tough tree and should not be used in difficult, polluted areas.

Paw Paw - Asimina trilobal: 10 to 20 tall with equal spread. Multi-stemmed shrub or small tree with short trunk & spreading branches forming a dense pyramidal or round topped head. Tends to sucker & forms loose colonies in the wild. Medium growth rate in moist, fertile, deep, slightly acid soils; does well in full sun, will tolerate shade but will alter the shape of the tree. SOLD OUT

Pin Oak - Quercus palustris: Pyramid in shape, 60' to 70 high with 25' to 40 spread. Very distinctive growth habit. A faster growing oak. Will tolerate wet soils. Natural habitat is on wet clay flats where water may stand for several weeks. Full sun. Widely used native oak for landscaping.

Red Oak - Quercus rubra: Fast growing, rounded tree 60 to 75' high, equal spread in fertile moist well drained acidic soil. Full sun, partial shade. Do not disturb ground around base, shallow roots are sensitive to changes in grade.

Sugar Maple - Acer saccharum: 60 to 75' in well-drained, moderately moist fertile soil. Slow growing, tolerates shade. This shade trees dark foliage turns shades of red and yellow in fall. Root system is shallow & spreading.

Tamarack/American Larch - Larix laricina:: A deciduous conifer with delicate light bluish green needles that turn bright golden in the fall prior to falling off. 40 to 80 tall with 15 to 30 spread. Slender trunk, horizontal branches & drooping branchlets. Slow-medium growth rate. Intolerant of shade, best growth in moist, well-drained, acid soils. SOLD OUT

White Oak - Quercus alba: 60 to 80' tall, equal or greater spread. Slow to medium growth. Full sun, deep, moist, well drained soils. Uses as a shade tree for a large area.
Sorry, the 2019 Tree Sale is over for this year.
Thank you for your support. Please check back mid-January for the 2020 sale!

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